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There are three Technical Reference sections available and they can be found in the Forum area. All sections have been carefully translated into English and, where necessary, have been updated for owners and riders of Solex machines in the 21st century. Each section has hyperlinks to click on which will either take you to a more detailed section or will allow you to view or download a PDF version of the required information.

This facility is only available to Velosolex Club U.K. members.

The 'INFORMATION AVAILABLE for your Solex' sections (1) early models 45 cc - 1400 without a clutch and (2) later models 1700 onwards fitted with the automatic clutch briefly describes what is specifically available for your Solex and other general information you might find useful.

The General INFORMATION AVAILABLE for all Solex models contains a range of different articles.

The 'Quick view of the SOLEX REFERENCE SECTION' shows the various disassembly and servicing guides, handbooks and technical literature available to help you with owning and maintaining your Solex. Some of the literature is shown below.

TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATIONS GALLERY  - Engines and Cycle components

A collection of exploded pictures showing the Solex engine and the cycle components. Most pictures will show the part numbers, sometimes the part descriptions (mainly in French) and then usually the same picture is repeated with all the text removed to show just the parts.

The 'SOLEX REFERENCE SECTION in detail' is a full list of the whole Technical Reference section. Each title opens up into a new section and will allow you to view and download a PDF version of the informationon that page.