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Getting a Solex registered for road use in the U.K.

Many new Solex owners who wish to sample the joys of ownership and riding their Solex very quickly discover there is a paper trail that has to be followed in order to get a V5C registration certificate (log book) issued by the D.V.L.A.

The following information can be found in various headings in the Members Forum area but the purpose of this article is intended to give the new Solex owner a structured check list to follow in order to make obtaining a registration number for a previously unregistered Solex as (relatively) painless and stress-free as possible.

Several of the stages may be completed simultaneously but do not think that by skipping any stage you will get your registration through any faster or be able to beat the D.V.L.A. ‘system.’ It will be guaranteed that any stage not completed correctly and fully will end up with the D.V.L.A. just returning all your paperwork. You will have wasted your time and postage and have to check through the rejection reason(s) to make sure you have everything completed to their satisfaction before re-applying.

Here is a list of the things you must do and have in place to get your Solex registered. If any of the information contained below is in any way inaccurate (I have tried my best!), please e-mail me (Paul G) using the mail box in my profile area with the problem and I will update the information for the benefit of all future Solex owners.

Paul G

June 2016

  • H.M.R.C. NOVA 1

Probably the most important first thing to do is notify H.M.R.C. that you have a Solex. This is done via the NOVA 1 (Notification Of Vehicles Arrivals) system. Your Solex will be old and, almost without exception, there will be no V.A.T. to pay but you must still fill in the NOVA 1 form and get it processed. Without the NOVA 1 being signed off, the D.V.L.A. will not even bother to look at your V55/5 registration application!

Follow the link below to access the H.M.R.C. website and start the ball rolling. Don’t delay as there are a few stories floating around of threats of fines from H.M.R.C. against new owners for failing to declare their Solex within 14 days of purchase. See  (I would not advise informing them you have had the Solex for 'x' number of months but have only just got around to notifying them. You have been warned!) You only have to get the NOVA 1 once for your Solex and then it is done for ever.

Go to: and follow the instructions to start the NOVA 1 process.

  1. Click on the green ‘START NOW’ button
  2. You will likely be a ‘NEW USER’ and will need to ‘REGISTER’
  3. If you are going to do your NOVA 1 electronically (as opposed to postal) you will need to ‘SIGN UP FOR HMRC ONLINE SERVICES.’
  4. As a new user, you will need to click the ‘INDIVIDUAL‘ heading
  5. As a new user, tick the ‘NOTIFICATION OF VEHICLE ARRIVALS’ box
  6. Step 1 – start the process by filling in your name and e-mail address.
  7. Follow the remaining instructions, as requested.
  8. Good luck!

Another Forum page with helpful information is here;

This might also be very useful if you have to use it:

N.B. September 2017. From a recent personal experience with getting a Solex through the NOVA 1 process, make sure you have the V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number - i.e. the frame number) information as well as the engine number written on the form or the application will be rejected. (See 'how to DETERMINE THE AGE OF YOUR SOLEX' section in the Forum for Solex V.I.N. / frame number information.)

  • The D.V.L.A. (Part 1)

Whilst you are sorting out your NOVA 1, it is advisable to start the ball rolling with the D.V.L.A. You will need to get a V55/5 application form and this can now be downloaded directly from the GOV.UK website (instead of having to apply online, as it was previously).

There is also a V355/5 ‘Application guide to filling in a V55/5’ available but there is a link to the Velosolex Club U.K. Forum showing exactly what needs to be filled in here:

Another useful link to information from the D.V.L.A. can be found here:

  • Obtaining a Dating Certificate

You will need to get a certified dating certificate from a D.V.L.A. V765 approved Owners Club (Please note: Velosolex Club U.K. is not D.V.L.A. V765 approved and we cannot provide this document.) This will confirm the date of manufacture of your Solex.  The two most popular Clubs providing this service (for a modest fee) are the E.A.C.C. and the N.A.C.C. You will need to supply the engine number, a frame number and some photographs. Whilst the Solex engine number will be readily found, a frame number may not. It is suggested the section entitled ‘How to DETERMINE THE AGE OF YOUR SOLEX’ is read and the suggestions as to frame numbering followed. You will not be able to proceed any further without a frame number.

To get dating certificate from either the E.A.C.C. or the N.A.C.C. follow their instructions for supplying engine and frame numbers, photographs, completed V55/5, etc, given here:  for the E.A.C.C. or  for the N.A.C.C.

PLEASE NOTE: Your dating certificate has a 12 month validity time limit and the D.V.L.A. will reject a registration application if your certificate has expired. Their game, their rules.

Disclaimer. Please note: Velosolex Club U.K. has no connection with either Club and will not get involved with any sort of dispute or disagreement between any individual and the Club involved. Both Clubs have provided an excellent service in the past and Velosolex Club U.K. has no wish to have any connection with anything that may prevent any Solex owner from using their services in the future.


  • You will need Insurance

Once you have the NOVA 1 (ideally) and a dating certificate, you can move on to the next stage. If your Solex is ready for the road, you will need to get it insured so that you can (legally) ride it to your pre-booked appointment with the M.O.T. testing station. There are several insurers who have been recommended by members as providing good quotes and service and some of them are listed in this Forum posting:

You will have to get the Solex insured against the Engine Number and the Frame Number. This is quite acceptable with the insurance company but you must inform them of the new registration number as soon as the D.V.L.A. issues one. You will normally have about two weeks to do this. If it is going to take longer, you need to inform the insurance company so that they keep the insurance open until you do receive your new registration number.


  • Get it M.O.T. tested

The Solex – depending upon its age – needs to comply with certain criteria in order to be ridden on roads in the U.K. This article sets out what is legally required and what is not:

You can also look up any grey areas you think may not have been covered by referring to the VOSA Tester’s Manual that your M.O.T. tester will be following in order to give your Solex a proper and correct M.O.T. test.

Note 1: If your Solex was manufactured (according to the dating certificate) before 1960 - i.e. up to and including 31st December 1959 - you are not required by law to have a valid M.O.T. test certificate. Obviously, your Solex must be in a roadworthy condition (otherwise your insurance will be invalid) but it is not a legal requirement. You can still take it for an M.O.T. if you wish, but that choice is yours.

Note 2: Once your Solex is insured (see above), you will be able to ride it directly to and from a pre-booked M.O.T. Make sure, beforehand, that both the engine number and the frame number are clearly visible for the test. If you do not have a frame number (see above - 'How to DETERMINE THE AGE OF YOUR SOLEX'), you will not get a test certificate issued.


  • The D.V.L.A. (Part 2)

This part can be particularly painful and fraught if their instructions are not followed exactly to the letter. There is no easy way to deal with the D.V.L.A. It is their game, their ball, their pitch and you must play by their rules. If you don’t, you will not get a V5C registration certificate (log book) issued for your Solex.

To register your Solex, you will need to send the following to the D.V.L.A.:

  1. A fully completed V55/5
  2. The registration fee – currently (June 2016) it is £55.00
  3. The vehicle tax fee - if it is applicable. (Note: If the age of your Solex is over 40 years when you apply with your V55/5, the tax will be £0.00 as it is classed as an ‘Historic vehicle’ under the current D.V.L.A. system.)
  4. The dating certificate supplied by the club you have chosen
  5. The M.O.T. certificate bearing the engine and frame number of your Solex.
  6. The Certificate of Insurance Cover or cover note bearing the frame / engine number of your Solex. (Downloaded copies are acceptable, photocopies are not.)
  7. Proof of your identity. You will need to provide either a photocopy of your D.V.L.A. photocard driving licence, or a photocopy of one document from each of the two lists below


  1. Current D.V.L.A. driving licence
  2. UK or EU passport
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Marriage certificate
  5. Decree nisi or decree absolute.


  1. Gas, electricity, water or landline phone bill issued within the last three months
  2. Council tax bill for the current year
  3. Bank or building society statement issued within the last three months
  4. Medical card.

The following suggestions are not strictly required with the above but they just might help your application to be processed more easily and may be enough for the D.V.L.A. not to require the Solex to be inspected.

                A clear side view photo of your Solex

                A rubbing or clear photo of the engine number

                A rubbing or clear photo of the frame number

Sending the above items is no guarantee that the D.V.L.A. will not contact you to arrange to have your Solex inspected by an independent inspector, but they certainly won’t do any harm to your application!

Final note. You are advised to make copies of all the paperwork you send and it would probably be a good idea to send it all recorded or registered delivery to: DVLA, SWANSEA. SA99 1BE

Good luck with your registration. I hope you will soon be enjoying life with us in the slow lane.