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The websites below are shown as a service for aiding the restoration and maintenance of your Solex machine. They are listed in alphabetical order and are not in any sort of preference. Please note: Their inclusion does not imply any endorsement by Velosolex Club U.K. of the quality or availability of parts, their price or the type of service provided by the vendors.

Velosolex Club U.K. is not responsible for the content of any of the websites shown. If there is a problem, please deal directly with the vendor concerned and not the Club.

If you think there are other websites that may be of interest, please e-mail the website address to me at: and I will add it to the page.

It is possible to convert a non-English site into English using the following method: Type or copy and paste the website address into your search engine (e.g. Google). Review the search results and (with Google) click on the blue ‘Translate this page’ and you will get a largely understandable English version of the same website. However, be aware these pages are not always 100% fully functional and the ordering pages may not load properly but they can still be used as a guide to understanding and placing an order on the original foreign language website.


                               Bertrandp7789                                 Cafe Solex                                          Classic Moped Spares                                    


                               Le Solex                                                       Mekanik 50                                      Mobillex Paris


                              Solex Markt                                        Solex Noord                                                  Solex Service


                                Solex Shop                                       Van De Ven Solex                              Vintage Connexion


                 VSX (Solex-Motobecane)                      Kipfer Velosolex Werkstatt               Brian Solex - Solex Parts for Sale