Non-English publications added to the Technical Library

Over the last eight years that VeloSolex Club U.K. has been up and running, I have been acquiring and ‘borrowing from the internet’ various Solex publications to add into the Technical Library. As many of you will know, these owners’ handbooks, servicing and disassembly guides, parts books and so on have now mostly been translated (with the invaluable help and great assistance provided by BrianSolex) into English.

The new project for 2021 is to put the original Solex publications in their original languages into the Technical Library as an extra aid to the many overseas members we are now attracting and for whom English is not always a second language.

These non-English sections will never be complete and will always be a ‘work in progress’, but if any owner has a Solex publication not in the Library and they would like to see it included, then please e-mail me:

Paul G.

February 2021

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