Velosolex Club U.K.

The only club for owners & enthusiasts, dedicated entirely to the Solex   


After weeks months of failure due to the Captcha V1 'security', there could be good news for new members trying to sign up. Go to the ‘News’ section and read the reply from regarding signing up and logging into the Webs Members App.

In the meantime, I will leave the advice below in place – just in case (on past track record) it still doesn’t work!
Paul G.  October 2018 
A temporary solution to the above new membership request - but only if the problem hasn't been resolved:
If the above link does not work - and only if it does not work - send me your e-mail address with a note requesting to join Velosolex Club U.K. to: and I will send you a membership invitation.

Regular Solex Rides

Regular rides in Essex for all Solex owners - Everyone welcome!

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