VeloSolex Club U.K. reaches a visitor milestone.

VeloSolex Club U.K. has been resident on this new website (hosted by for just over two years now. After being continuously let down with website reliability issues provided by the previous webhost, things have thankfully settled down here and allowed our site to expand as and when we need it. Today, Friday, 19th March 2021 saw a small milestone reached whereby our website visitor counter registered over 50,000 visits! Looks like we might be doing something right and we are helping Solex owners and riders throughout world (according to our ‘Flag Counter’) to enjoy restoring and riding their Solexes.

We have also nearly reached the 1000 mark of members signing up. Some of these members are very active and you will find them participating in the many questions and answers within the Forum. Others prefer to stay in the background and use the Technical Information we provide to help restore and to keep their Solexes running correctly. Fine, no problem. I like to think we are a broad church and every Solex owner is welcome.

At the risk of setting myself up for extra work: Is there something missing from the website you would like to see added? Do you have all the Solex information you need? Is there something I have missed and should be looking at?

O.K., I can’t promise I will act on every suggestion (if I receive any!) but I am interested in receiving some feedback and suggestions. Over to you.

Still enjoying life in the slow lane.

Paul G.

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