'Our Flag Counter' has been added to the homepage

As VeloSolex Club U.K. continues to grow with members in many parts of the world being able to enjoy owning, riding and working on their Solexes, I have introduced ‘Our Flag Counter’ at the bottom of the home page. From now on, every time you log into this website, your country of origin is recorded and the tally against your country’s flag is increased. (Don’t worry, no other information is collected or stored by VeloSolex Club U.K. or flagcounter.com.) As the number of different flags increases over the following months, we can see that VeloSolex Club U.K. had grown into a truly global club showing that the VeloSolex is still as popular as ever. Enjoy life in the slow lane!

Sample showing the way 'Our Flag Counter' will eventually grow.

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VeloSolex Club U.K. is supporting Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre's 10 year plan with the restoration of Avro Lancaster NX611's return to flight.


If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause, please click on the Lancaster picture to go to their website.

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