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Reply Redacted1
7:23 PM on December 8, 2018 
Thanks Paul. I have bought one from Ebay, getting it next weekend.
1:13 PM on November 9, 2018 
dear paul, my 1964 solex 2200 and last taxed in 1968 has lived in a shed since i wanted to be straight with the dvla i sent all the documents to them but they say i need to apply for a nova cert. is this true? i thought nova cert. were only for new imported bikes
4:54 PM on November 7, 2018 
I bought 3 last weekend. A 1953 45cc model and 2 x 3800 , one of which is a non runner
Will have to find a way how to upload a picture once I have taken some.
Reply Rob32
1:20 PM on October 18, 2018 
having a nova nightmare, I bought an incomplete solex from france off ebay, and hmrc are asking for all sorts of recepits and proof of age documents, tried to explain over the phone solexes are hard to date and did not have log books in the fifties, but they just keep wanting more info......for what is really a pile of bits worth about 100 quid. driving me mad
5:34 PM on September 4, 2018 
Thanks again read the uploading help but photos upload does not work on iPad
Reply BillH
12:15 PM on September 4, 2018 
Hi Paul
Just for your info, the Captcha system isn't working so I'm unable to post on the forum at present. But I guess you know that :-)
I'll try again in a few days.
All the best.
1:18 PM on September 2, 2018 
Hello Paul, can't seem to post anything in forum as captcha not working. Also having problems negotiating the site and uploading a photo of my Solex but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it with a little practice.
Reply Marley
9:37 AM on August 30, 2018 
Hi, thanks for info, but my solex does not have the throttle arrangement as per diagram which is attached to the front brake, it's just a cable or spoke carb/decompressed to handlebar control.
Reply Marley
8:43 AM on August 29, 2018 
Hi, thanks for the welcome, could you tell me which forum to go to for identification year, and model in order for me to get a manual I have been on the identification site, but my engine number of3487497 does not appear to be there.
Reply Gazjag
4:37 PM on July 18, 2018 
Thanks Paul, will try to upload a photo. but its not allowing me to upload. Also sent a message to you via the facebook page.
5:36 PM on July 13, 2018 
Thankyou for letting me join, I hope to put some pics on soon. Derek.
Reply fwd
10:28 AM on July 8, 2018 
Hi Paul
Thank you for allowing me to join the VeloSolex club...
Unfortunately I do not have one at present, to be truthful, the only one I've seen in the UK was at Swanage last Friday which brought back many happy memories of my teen days.
The Solex was for sale in an antique shop window but was overpriced for the condition it was in!!

Back in the mid sixties we had the VeloSolex agency and I spent a fair amount of time helping my dad assembling and servicing them for pre and after sales...
I still to this date have some of the special service tooling tucked away somewhere .
That sighting in Swanage made me determined to re live those happy days!


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Do you have a Solex at the moment or, even better, do you have any pictures o..."

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2:43 PM on June 12, 2018 
Hi, Paul;

I have a somewhat different Solex story.

My wife was born and grew up in Holland but moved to Canada 50 years ago. She used to have a Solex way back in the 60s when she was still living in Europe. Over the decades, she was talking about it with great reverence. So during our latest trip to Holland, I searched for and have bought a 3800. It is in very good shape, the seller hopped on it, the Solex started immediately and seemed to run well.

Now comes the issue to get it to Toronto. As regular freight, they wanted a horrendous amount to transport it. So I got the idea that we can use the special tariff KLM has to transport a bicycle as sporting goods. The problem is the maximum weight of 23kg. The other issue is that I intend to give this to her as a surprise present, so I had to find someone travelling to Canada willing to add it to their luggage, even if I pay the 135 Euro fee. I did manage to find sombody, so that is now done.

Next item was to get it under 23 kg. So I removed the motor, seat, bell, pedals and a few other easily removable items, that various people will bring to Canada in their suitcase over the next few months. I turned the handlebar 90 degrees, let the air out of the tires and put it on the scale. Victory, 21.5 kg! Ready to go.

While disassembling it, I noted the deficiencies, parts that I need to identify and obtain. Decompressor rod needs to be straightened, the other parts of the decompressor handle assembly are either missing (washers, spacers, spring) or broken (plastic handle). The seat cover is cracked and the front light assembly is missing the bulb, bulb contact with its springy ring that holds it on the plastic boss and the switch spring. Once I obtain these pieces and get all the components to Toronto, I will be able to reassemble the unit and test it, to make sure all is well. My daughter generously offered her garage to both hide the Solex pieces and the space for me to work.

I have taken a picture of the unit before taking it apart, I have it enclosed.

Reply andrew
5:32 AM on June 3, 2018 
tried to put wanted add on webo
but says captcha not available
Reply david
7:01 AM on May 27, 2018 
hello Paul Not been on the site for a while , just tried to load a post but cant as it says recaptcha v1 is not available3 so cant porceed can you help. david
Reply Gavin
5:25 PM on April 23, 2018 
Hi Paul, I'm wanting to post the following. Can you post it for me as I can;t start new threads.

Encouraged by the very good day out that we had last year, the NACC is organising another Cyclemotor Run this Sunday, 29 April. The starting point is the car park of The Catch Fish and Chip shop Ballynure, 5 Larne Road, Toberdowney, BT39 9UA. As usual we will meet up between 10:30 and 11 in time for a cup of tea before setting off at about 11:30.

Don has made arrangements with the restaurant at Corrs Corner for those who wish to have a meal afterwards.

The route will be about 15 miles and will be taken at a very leisurely pace to suit these feeble machines.

Mopeds, autocycles and other bikes will of course be welcome so long as their riders are happy to travel slowly. Also non-members of the NACC are welcome but will be required to become day members (3) to comply with Public Liability Insurance.
Reply Stolichnaya
6:28 AM on April 19, 2018 
Hi Paul

I hope you are well and enjoying the Sun? You may remember our conversations and your help on my newly acquired Solex 660 some months ago?
I thought I'd approach you 1st to ask if you know of anyone who may have an interest in my 660? It's been in the garage now for a good 3 or 4 months and I've simply not had any time to devote to doing anything with it. It definitely pops a smile on my face however, I'm now 5 months into the rebuild of my GSX1400 which started out as just the Forks refurbed and has ended up in the bike now being a Frame with the engine in.. that?s it !

So as difficult as it is, I've decided the 660 needs really to go to someone who will be able to devote the time to it.

If you?ve anyone looking or who is interested in a 1956 660 in original condition please do let me know. I've done nothing to it since getting it apart from adding a nice wicker basket and a horn. Actually that?s not quite right, I've also added a nice new HT Lead as the old one was cracked and nasty as well as a new Plug lead.

It does run and the motor sounds really nice and sweet. no knocking or anything but it does have a fault with air-bubbles in the fuel line which I believe is easy-fix and a common thing with old/unused ones. It sits and runs when not engaged to the wheel for Drive but it just loses a little "oomph" when you pop the wheel down to drive.

As for things it needs - Rear Brake Pads and a rear light lens and some hand-grips. Maybe the tyres are in need of renewing however they do hold air. It's a 1956 Year (swan neck I think it's called) and unrestored. Great condition for it's 62 years young. Not perfect but nice and for me it needs to stay showing it's 62..

It has the Fuel Can carrier on the front left and the original Solex Fuel Can too. It's been NOVA registration by the guy I got it from

Before I pop it on eBay etc I thought I'd ask you as I'd prefer it goes to an enthusiast. The 660 is based near St Ives Cambridge (PE28 3PH) and I'm happy for anyone to have a look

Best regards

John Waite
Reply Simon Rayfield
8:09 AM on April 13, 2018 
I am having trouble uploading the following text to the Forum and keep getting the message "2 words don't match the text"
Here is the text which seems OK to me:
I have just rebuilt my early 2200 with new piston, bearings, etc and hoped it would start readily but it didn't. Following tips and guidance from this site I stoned and polished the points, replaced HT lead, soldered on new flat plate spark plug fitting, soldered HT lead to coil tab, replaced fuel pump valves and diaphragm and fitted new plug.

Now, with good compression, clear exhaust and airways, a spark and fuel it has to go. I found that after every attempt at a start my fat, blue spark outside the cylinder had disappeared completely. Had a chat with Tim Green of the Green Spark Plug co who is very knowledgeable and helpful on plugs and he told me modern ethanol fuels would "wet" the plug and stop it working so clean thoroughly with oven cleaner before trying again. Still no luck after 2 more dry plugs and by this time I guessed the crankcase must have quite a bit of air/fuel mix in it.

Next tip from a 2 stroke pal who had had similar problems starting a BSA Bantam after a rebuild was to get some BP Ultimate unleaded 97 octane. I did this and drained and refilled the tank. This time the engine was trying to start but wouldn't run for more than a few seconds. By this time I had fitted an old plug I found in a Solex toolbox and didn't lose the spark so left alone until morning hoping excess fuel may evaporate.

Morning and a new start, adjusted air valve and rolled off, fired up quickly and after a few more up and downs on my drive it stayed running. Then after a few minor hiccups the engine seemed to clear its throat and got stronger and stronger. It finally stopped when I moved the air valve to fully open but I am now confident it will pull well on the road as it is very responsive to the throttle but is sensitive to the air valve position.

Read A GUIDE ON HOW TO GET AN UNWILLING SOLEX ENGINE TO RUN on this site and you won't go far wrong. 2 strokes are a bit primitive and can be hard to start particularly after a rebuild so don't give up and pay attention to detail.

Best of luck......................
Reply mcpheatauto
2:02 PM on March 15, 2018 
Thanks for letting me into the club. I've been doing what I can to put my recently bought 3800 back together. The frame is solid, just a bit oily rag around some of the edges. With the dirt and oil cleaned off it looks nice. The wheel rims are a bit rusty but not bad enough to replace them. It came with new tubes and tyres, they are now fitted. I cycled around the workshop today so that's progress. Some engine parts are expected tomorrow so I'll hopefully get the engine together soon.
Reply Robert
12:46 PM on February 14, 2018 
Hi Paul,

Thanks for welcoming me to the club. I have never owned a Silex, but have recently started looking for one which is why I joined the club.