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Long Island, NY, USA
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- IceniCAM Velosolex Advisor

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My collection:

1949  Velosolex  45 cc

1967  Solex  California 3800-S

1968  Solex  California 3800-S

1973 Solex S 3800 USA x 3

1973  Pli-Solex x 2

1973 Solex 6000

1974  Solex  S 3800 USA x 3

1974  Velosolex  4600 V1

1974 Solex 5000

1974 Pli-Solex x 2

1975  Solex  4600 V2 x 5

1975  Solex  5000

1977  Velosolex  4600 V3 x 4

1978  Solex  4600 V3 x 2


1976  Garelli  Eureka-Flex

1984 Harley-Davidson Sportster XLX 1000 cc

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Reply TAGG,
1:12 PM on April 20, 2018 
thanks Brian .i will make up a number from family birthdays , and hope for the best .
Reply TAGG,
3:33 AM on April 19, 2018 
hello Brian, any suggestion's on how to get a frame number as my s3800 has not got one thank you ..
Reply Harry
5:12 PM on January 12, 2018 
Thank you Brian. I'll be posting some pictures of my 660 soon, rgds Harry
Reply JezR
3:37 PM on November 2, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome. I am having a great time reading this site. So much useful and interesting stuff here.
Reply Scot Solex
6:59 AM on September 17, 2017 
Hi Brian, I would like to check the compression on my 3800 using a pressure gauge, can you tell me what the pressure should read for an engine in good condition? Regards Gavin
Reply Giles
11:43 AM on September 5, 2017 
Thank you so much for the welcome, Brian, it is great to be part of a friendly club. I don't have a Solex as yet, but will enjoy reading all the posts and joining in the forum in due course. Cheers all, Giles
Reply Uffe
3:34 PM on September 2, 2017 
Thank You for the invite to the forums.. As a first time solex owner the technical library and the forum at this site is a gold mine of information.
When I split my engine and found that the piston was stuck, the two ballbearings didn't rotate and then found out the previous owner had not been so careful to get all the spacers and other things back in the right place after his repair attempt I had the feeling that I had got me a task bigger than I managed. But after an hour or two on this site I am confident that next summer I will get a lot of fun riding my 2200.
Reply Robert Covey "Bob"
1:35 PM on September 2, 2017 
Thanks Brian, great tech postings hugely helpful!
Reply Christian Tiburtius
1:33 PM on August 11, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome Brian, I couldn't reply before because there was no link in the email.
At the moment the bike's in various bits so wouldn't look great in a photo but if I get it going I'll get a photo up.
It came to me seized so so far I've replaced the piston and barrels. I tried to get it started but there was no petrol on the plug so took apart the fuel system and felt that the pump was faulty. I've now replaced the pump but still can't get it started so I'm currently scratching my head!
Reply FastBlinker Von Calamity
12:54 PM on May 22, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome Brian
Reply thesage49
1:34 PM on April 23, 2017 
Thank you Brian,
Rest assured I will be joining in the forum banter just as soon as I have purchased my first Solex...... won't be long now..

1:36 PM on April 5, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome Brian, your Youtube channel is great! I'm glad to be part of this forum!
Reply Spud1964
6:24 PM on February 17, 2017 
Thanks 4 the invite Brian, I'm new to velosolex world having bought a 68, 3800.
I'm sure I'll have lots of fun on it and questions to any one who can educate me on its up keep.
Reply Bella95
12:31 AM on February 14, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome Brian.
Reply Scot Solex
9:16 AM on January 20, 2017 
Hi Brian, just a quick note to thank you for your recent help and your really great YouTube clips. Gavin (ScotSolex)
Reply Frank Williams
5:48 AM on January 17, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome Brian. I'm new to Solex ownership so I may need some help.
Reply tony kennerk
2:26 PM on January 4, 2017 
Hi Brian many thanks for the information ,I will clean fuel jet at weekend and see where we go
Many thanks .
Kind regards Tony .
Reply tony kennerk
2:28 AM on January 4, 2017 
Hi all I have a 1975, 5000 which starts great but when it is warm needs half choke to keep it on full throttle, if you put choke of then it is very flat and hesitant .
on half choke it runs great
Can you please advise
Regards Tony K.
Reply scottm
2:47 AM on January 3, 2017 
Hi. Thanks for the welcome.
Reply Davet998
4:34 AM on September 7, 2016 
Many thanks.