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Paul G
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H.M.R.C. have a a section called the P.T.U. - Personal Transport Unit. Many years ago when I was having trouble with getting my S 3800 through their system (I think I was actually one of the first when N.O.V.A. 1 was introduced!) I was given this phone number to be able to explain the situation to a real person and get guidance on how to proceed.

The phone number is: 01304 664171  (Note: There may be several seconds of silence before the the number connects.)

The lady I spoke to was really pleasant, most helpful and very courteous. If you are having N.O.V.A. problems that cannot be easily resolved, try phoning the P.T.U.

I have published this number as a help with getting your Solex through the N.O.V.A. system. If you do use the number, PLEASE be courteous and patient with resolving your N.O.V.A. questions. They are there to help us and are not there to put up obstacles.

I could see a time if the P.T.U. receive too many phone calls where people have chosen to vent their frustration on the person at the other end of the line (who is only there to help) they may withdraw the number and then everyone will suffer.


Paul G

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Ruedeleglise / Bowser Bill
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I fully endorse your praise of the Nova help personnel. They were very helpful indeed. See my remark on the NOVA post! They were the reliable source.


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