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Paul G

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63 years old
West Midlands
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Site owner and webmaster for Velosolex Club U.K.

I purchased my first Solex from e-Bay in November 2012 and spent the next six months learning what was wrong with it, what should be right with it and trying to get it road worthy and registered in the U.K. I was originally a member of the misnamed Solex Club South East in 2012 before it just faded into oblivion and died because of a lack of input from the webmaster. I joined the newly formed Velosolex Club U.K. started by one of the one of the old S.C.S.E. members – Dave411 – in February 2013.

I’ve helped with the website since 2014, taking on more and more of the day to day running and layout. Eventually, Dave411 the original site-owner moved on to new pastures and I took over the complete website ownership in January 2016. Under my tenure, the Domain name ‘’ has been paid for and registered until 2022. The website hosting with has been secured until June 2019, when it will again be up for a further renewal.

I still have my first Solex, an S 3800 but have since added an early 45 cc Solex and, more recently, a 1010 model to the fleet.

So far, I have attended the Solex Club Spirales 20th Anniversary Rally in Calais in 2014, the international 70th Solex Anniversary Rally in Moulins, France in 2016 and the Belgium Solex Club 25th Birthday Rally in Ferriere-la-Petite, northern France in 2017. Plans are already in progress to attend the Dutch Solex Rally in Oosterbeek in 2018 and return to the Solex Club Spirales 25th Anniversary Rally back in Calais in 2019.

Paul G.

July 2017.

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Reply steve23800
5:43 AM on July 30, 2017 
Hi Paul thanks for the riendly welcome Ihave justgot my first one a Solex 3800 datedaround 1965 i think and hope tp post some photos of it soon
Regards Steve
Reply Alan Dredge
12:11 PM on July 11, 2017 
Hello Paul . I tried to upload some photos but no luck. I've only got an apple iPad that I use for most it stuff and I don't think maybe it's compatible . Regards alan.
Reply solexpete007
7:23 AM on July 11, 2017 
Hi Paul, just picked my 1968 ( my year of birth!) 3800 up on Thursday last week! My memories of riding solex's from childhood holidays on French farms ! Great fun! Will need lots of advice, and will try for a full restoration of this lovely little bike. Will try and download some pics taken just after I picked it up the other day!! Regards, Pete
Reply Simon Hunter
11:26 AM on July 10, 2017 
Hi. Just bought mine...tried to upload some photos but am not getting the "Upload" button referred to...any clues? I thought mine was an S220 0 but the engine number seems to suggest (according to Brian on this site) that it may be a S3300
Doesn't appear to have ever been NOVA'd so am going through that process but obviously need to get all my paperwork correct
Reply Dave Tigwell
3:44 PM on June 29, 2017 
Hello Paul,
Thanks for your message. I have only had my bike since Monday so have only done a little maintenance on the fuel system and ignition. It buzzes along very nicely. I believe mine dates from 1962 or 1963 but I have started the registration process so I should know for sure directly. I intend to use the bike regularly on errands and sorties out to coastal areas with my drone. I was inspired to get a Solex when I watched the film Mon Oncle recently. My days of racing cars and bicycles are long gone so I look forward to getting around at a more reasonable pace.
Reply rodders1995
3:14 PM on June 28, 2017 
Hi Paul

Thanks, yes I have made a post here:


Reply Steve
2:18 AM on June 28, 2017 
Hi Paul
Yes have a velosolex 3800 no pics at moment just bought it in Brittany and will be bringing it over soon needs a lot of work
Reply DemiBelge
3:13 PM on June 25, 2017 
Hi Paul,

Thank you for your welcome. I'm about to take receipt of a 1968, 3800 and looking forward to the fun these motored bicycles bring. Once I've returned the machine to Bristol I'll be more than happy to share. I'm really impressed with the amount of information available, ready supply of parts both here and on the continent and have already ordered items to start the overhaul process. My Velo will make a welcome addition to my 2CV.
Reply Wayne Rex
3:10 PM on June 5, 2017 
Hi Paul,
I do indeed have a velosolex at the moment and will upload as soon as I get to a PC with Mozilla as doesn't seem to want to work on my phone. Many thanks for accepting my request. Looking forward to getting involved.
Reply Klwinton
2:18 PM on May 30, 2017 
Hi Paul, thanks for accepting me. I took possession of a Velosolex yesterday. I live half the year in France and see plenty at the sales in the villages. I always fancied one and discovered a friend had one lying in the back of his barn. It was there when he bought the place and I know nothing about it but want to restore it to working condition, not a real restoration but something that looks good. Bring it back to life. I will post some pictures when I get some and maybe get some help in identifying what model it is and approximate age of it. kindest regards Kenny
Reply Alan o
2:46 PM on May 25, 2017 
Hi Paul
To answer your question yes I do have some velo solex bikes I seem a bit addicted at moment this week I would like to send some photos but not sure how too.
Kind regards Alan O
Sent from my iPad
Reply Signalla
11:09 AM on May 17, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome! I've just posted photos of my Velosolex. Loving it!
Reply sopaz
5:26 AM on May 12, 2017 
Hi Paul, thanks for accepting me.
I'm in a similar position to Steve below. I've had bikes before, and I'm now looking for a vintage moped - Solex seems like a fun way to get around and fairly simple to tinker with!

If anyone has a Solex or other vintage moped in Yorkshire or Derbyshire then let me know!

Reply Steve Bod
8:57 AM on May 10, 2017 
Hi Paul.
Thanks for the greeting.
I don't own a Solex yet. A few weeks ago I was looking for a vintage moped and then I chanced across some adverts for Solex's, and now here I am. I am just browsing the forum at the moment to understand more about these machines.
I really like the idea of owning one and using it for the occasional errand or commute. I am in Bristol and so if you hear of one for sale in the neighbourhood let me know. I enjoy tinkering and mechanical problems and I think I would get a lot of enjoyment from a Solex.
No doubt I'll see you on the Forum soon.
Best wishes,
Reply DAVE G
11:21 PM on May 9, 2017 
Hi Paul. Thanks for the welcome. I was amazed to find such a large club for the Solex when i went online to find out about the nova application. I bought a Solex last weekend in France whilst visiting a friend, who still has it in the back of his van. I should get it this coming Friday. I have no idea how old it is or if it runs yet , but i am sure i shall be trawling the vast amount of resources now available to me. I will post pictures when possible. Thanks again.
Reply Scribbler
5:26 PM on May 9, 2017 
Thanks. Don't have a machine at the moment currently bidding on an S3800
Reply Clive
9:53 AM on May 6, 2017 
I bought a barn find from Triumphmartin, spent a few hours to get it running, even more cleaning the dirt off, changed brake cables brake blocks, got new tyres to fit. Was over complicating the lights now I think I have them sorted thanks to this site, however in replacing the engine covers the engine will now not start to check the lights.
Added to my show insurance + fire and theft no problem using the engine number. Will try to get it through MoT but doubt I'll ever use it on the road.
Reply Dave jvs
5:01 PM on April 27, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome. Acquired VSX in early March 2017 Engine No 4881627 (I think) and sold to me as a 3800 dated Jan 1975 by an importer who had completed the NOVA After a few parts and tyres now starts, runs and passed MoT ok. However, have hit a problem with Insurance as have been told that the supposed specialist will not cover over the age of 80. Would be grateful to hear from any other ancients who may have solved this problem.
PS. have just downloaded Firefox for Mac but not yet learned how to add a picture, sorry!
Reply Richard Smith
4:08 AM on April 27, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome..... according to my engine number, it is a 1966.... NOVA things completed, V55 next..... needing just one spoke for the front wheel, a couple of tyres, and a few hours(!) work!
Reply Luke
12:40 PM on April 25, 2017 
Hi paul did you get the pictures of my 1951 solex 45