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Paul G

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Joined Jan 21 2013
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62 years old
West Midlands
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Reply Ruedeleglise
4:23 AM on March 21, 2017 
Hi Paul. How are you doing? Tried to send link re my servicing bench mark 2 to Richard English but I am in France with only an iPad which makes it impossible ...for me anyhow! My mark 2 bench is much better than the one you sent him.
Best wishes, David
Reply Nick monty
4:21 PM on March 20, 2017 
Hi Paul. Bought a 1958 1010 on Saturday. Uk registered. Great condition. I've ordered a number plate as it was never used on the road. Sorted insurance and purchased a new open face helmet. Looking forward to using it nipping into Chelmsford.. I've asked triumphmartin to keep a eye out for some old panniers for it. Just got to learn to control the engine power!!! Last bike I had was a 900 fire blade. Does the engine just run at full speed as throttle doesn't seem to work as a normal bike throttle?? As soon as I can I will post some pictures.

Regards nick.
Reply Andy Missen
12:32 PM on March 14, 2017 
Soz Paul...thought i was on the main forum.!!
Reply TAGG,
4:15 AM on February 19, 2017 
Thank you for that Paul G i have just run through the wire with separate wire and yes thank you its a bad earth well done and thanks again . its strange when you think of earth you think earth to ground but with tyre's on there is no link to ground .but now i understand got it sorted ...Tagg Ps my number is 5340925 what dos that make my year please.
Reply Bella95
12:34 AM on February 14, 2017 
Thanks for the welcome Paul. Will try and get some photos when l get my girl back.
Reply SimonM
8:50 AM on February 9, 2017 
Paul, I have tried to download the Guide to Servicing and Maintaining the 660 but the link does not seem to work! Is there an issue with the website or can you email me a PDF copy?? email address is [email protected]
Thanks for your help - having disassembled my engine I have a couple of parts left over that I cannot see where to reinstall them! Kind Regards, Simon
Reply OzzieLinds
11:03 AM on January 30, 2017 
Hi Paul and Members - Thanks for the admission. I will pick up my VeloSoleX in Hamburg this Wednesday. My neighbour here has one and I decided it looked like fun. Learnt another friend in Hamburg wanted to sell one and finally agreed a deal last week. I'll try and load the photos I have now......
Reply Gibbs
4:09 PM on January 27, 2017 
I do have pictures but how do I upload them? SsSolex arrived on Monday. Wheel rims have surface rust as does part of the frame. I have decided to fix what needs to be fixed for the MOT so that I can start the process of getting it registere. I will then sort the cosmetic items as a running project. So far, no spark initially, fuel pipe missing, tyres perished. Throttle and rear brake cables broken. Progress to date:
Points cleaned and voila! A spark when I flick the flywheel by hand. Put a few drops of oil down the spark plug hole and spun the engine for a minute to get some oil on the bore. Put a teaspoon of petrol down the plug hole, spark plug in, spun flywheel by hand, engine ran for a few seconds. Very happy with that. Bought a universal Bowden cable from Clas Ohlson and have cut it and installed it on the throttle. Cannot do more testing until the fuel pipe arrives.
Front brake appears ok. Rear lever moves quite a lot before any braking happens. Haven't worked out how to get access to the shoes yet. Next job, I think is to get the rear wheel off and have a look.
Reply Andy
9:00 AM on January 27, 2017 
Many thanks for your help with the registration, yes have recently purchased a 1962 2200 so now the fun starts....
Reply Huw Williams
4:29 AM on January 20, 2017 
Thanks Paul Proud owner of a 1968 3800 and in process of getting all the paperwork done. Just had a hip replacement so rides are limited...Will send some photos asap. Thrilled to own one again as I had a 3800 when a student in London in 1971. Bring it on!!
Reply Frank Williams
5:45 AM on January 17, 2017 
Thanks for the weicome Paul. I hope to collect my Solex tomorrow it's a newly imported 1964 model, so the journey is just beginning, and I will probably need help along the way.
Reply ClassicMopedSpares
3:27 PM on January 16, 2017 
Hi Paul, After being contacted by a customer and spending time with some suppliers, I tried to put a post on to reply about some crankshaft bearings to clarify about the differences between single and double seal bearings to help members. I do not know if I did something wrong or if my post has been removed as it does not appear. I put it on at 6:38 in reply to a thread by Brian Solex. Can you please help?
Reply Eddie
12:38 AM on January 13, 2017 
My Solex has 19" tyres. Can anyone advise whether one can use 20" bicycle wheels and tyres? Will it look ok in relation to the shape of the mudguards and will the drive wheel fit against the tyre? Am in Cape Town and the costs of getting tyres out here are prohibitive - (mainly postage.) Advice welcome
Reply David Stokes
2:57 PM on January 3, 2017 
Hello Paul
Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you, stuff got in the way. Well I am the proud owner of a 1968 3800. Needs some TLC but it is a runner, all the way from France. I now have the task of getting all the paperwork sorted out, oh joy!
I'll put some photos on the club site when I've figured out how to do it. Thank you for the welcome and getting in touch.
Bye for now.......David Stokes
Reply Wizz Stearne
9:03 AM on January 1, 2017 
Hi Paul.
I got my Solex as a christmas present 2200(s)
Just going through the process of registering it now.
Reply Paul Fitzpatrick
7:10 PM on December 28, 2016 
Thanks for the welcome. Not bought a Solex yet, but hoping to add one to my collection soon. I will post as soon as I aquire one. Looks a great site btw.
Reply tony kennerk
2:50 AM on December 20, 2016 
hi Paul I have two velosolex , one is a 2200 from 1962 I have the nova form and am waiting to get a dating certificate the 2200 needs a new crank as the flywheel nut has been broken on the thread . can you advise . my other is a 5000 which is on the road , just needs a little fine tuning. Will post some pictures of them both over the festive season
Regards Tony K
Reply Kenneth
7:24 AM on December 19, 2016 
Hi Paul
Thanks for the welcome. I just bought Solex 1700 (motor number 2111478) from 1961.
My Solex is not complete it's missing exhaust, engine plate, wires has a crappy saddle ....
Pictures and questions will follow.
Reply martinr
8:33 AM on December 18, 2016 
Hi Paul thanks for the welcome. Finally managed to get myself a decent 3800. Now the tinkering begins!
Reply Moulder
4:15 PM on December 13, 2016 
Thanks for the welcome. I only have the picture on my profile, I do have a video though...