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IMPORTANT - Domain and website hosting changes to come

Posted by Paul G on January 3, 2017 at 3:50 PM

I have decided it is time to move away from, the website hosts for



The Domain name was due for renewal on 18th January 2017 which would have meant staying with Webs for another 12 months. Instead, I have started to move the domain to a U.K. based company, one that does not work only from 9.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. weekdays and not at all at weekends. The new company offers 24/7 x 365 support so the problems recently encountered in December 2016 will be readily solved - if they ever happen again. The good news is that I know this company already and have had another website / domain with them for over 10 years without any problems.



The next big move will be to get the website re-built with the new host. I can only give fair warning this might not be a simple or an easy task. If our website had not been with this would probably have been an easy matter. Not so when you are tied in with! As much as I have managed to find out so far, another company would allow me to transfer everything we have currently on the website to a new host. Oh no, not with! They are one of the few companies (apparently) that will not allow me to do this. I hope I have got this bit wrong, but the current website should still be up and running until June 2017 when it is due for renewal. I shall not be renewing with but I do have a bit of breathing space to get another website built and up and running before then.



Why the changes? Well, many of you will know the problems we had when suffered a major outside attack (have forgotten what it is called!) and our website went down / wouldn't load properly / timed out meassages, etc.'s own Forum user group was full of irate customers who were losing thousands of dollars because had failed to provide a suitable firewall against such an outside attack and then it took them ages to fix the damage. The Forum users were not a happy bunch! But it did show me that the company is now too big to care about its customers and is basically inept at curing problems.



One of the biggest complaints we have had from (almost) day 1 is the 'search' function failing to work in the Forum areas. I got fed up with giving really abusive feedback in their surveys whenever they asked 'How did we do with sorting out your problem?' Well, they couldn't sort it out and still haven't sorted it it out! There are so many topics and advice within this area that is just not searchable to anyone becuase the 'search' does not work. It is no good having a library full of useful information if it is almost impossible to access and find topics you want.



No, it is time to move away from and rebuild Velosolex Club U.K. with another website host - one that at least has a search button that works in the Forum. It might be a bit painful if we have to start again from scratch but I still hold all the Owners Handbook PDF's, technical illustrations, 'Advert of the week' jpgs and such, so it may just take a bit of time before it is up and running once more. It might mean everyone (that wants to) has to rejoin the new website? Maybe. Haven't crossed that bridge yet but I can't see letting me transfer over some 1000+ members details. If I have to do a mass e-mailing to everyone currently listed asking them to rejoin the new website, then so be it. I will be trying to make it as painless as possible for me and you when the time comes, so please bear with me as Velosolex Club U.k. enters a new era in 2017.





Paul G.


Site owner.

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